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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  January 30, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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good morning, america. happening right now the campaign frenzy. candidates on a mad dash through iowa, the center of the political universe this weekend. the last-minute push for votes. donald trump on the attack. >> ted cruz is an anchor baby in canada. >> as other candidates take aim at him. >> friends don't let friends vote for trump. plus, hillary's new headache over top secret e-mails. what will that mean in these final hours? captured. the moment a violent prison escapee surrenders, his nod to the cops. what did he tell them and as the hunt goes on for the two others
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>> officers have been searching this entire area focusing on those containers. >> what did a jail teacher have to do with their escape. >> she played a significant role in the planning. >> the intense manhunt going on right now. air scare. high altitude emergency. cabin losing pressure, passengers scrambling for their masks. >> take the time on the runway, vehicles are standing by. >> the pilot's quick maneuver, the emergency landing and the questions this morning. and wipeout. the gnarly moment a surfer false 40 feet to eat this enormous wave. cowabunga, dude. how he's doing this morning. hey, good morning. after all the campaigning, the debating, the attack, the ads and analysis, the actual voters say.
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two days to go before people over iowa head out to the caucuses and candidates are out on the stump including her most prominent ally bill clinton. >> can hillary eke out a victory against a surging bernie sanders? >> and can battle tested ted cruz pull out a win against donald trump and if cruz doesn't win is he done? then there's the question of marco rubio. right time? we have team coverage this morning and start with abc's jon republicans. jon, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this is it. the final weekend before those first in the nation iowa caucuses. and that frenzy of political activity you were talking about is seen on the airwaves and on the ground, in fact, republican candidates alone have 42 campaign events here in iowa just today. iowa.
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away to ask you to caucus for me on monday night. >> reporter: if you see a candidate who washington embraces, run and hide. >> reporter: while his rivals crisscross the state of iowa donald trump was in new hampshire unleashing a new attack on canadian born ted cruz. >> ted cruz may not be a u.s. citizen, right? ted cruz is an anchor baby in canada. >> reporter: cruz's campfired back with a statement overnight. the only anchor here is the one being dragged behind the ss new york values causing donald trump's campaign to stall out. those jabs were traded after the final debate before the iowa caucuses which drew over 12 million viewers. that's slightly more than the last republican debate and many more viewers than saw trump's veterans rally during the debate. trump relish l irished skipping this one and mocked cruz for his first debate at center stage. >> he got pummeled. wow.
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des moines register" which endorsed rubio declared it a rough night for cruz. >> it is not surprising that i am not the mainstream media's favorite candidate. imworking to be the candidate of the american people. >> reporter: marco rubio was hoping for a last-minute surge in iowa signing this trump bashing holiday card from a supporter. >> so, mark cure your calendar for february 1st. go rock your caucus. remember friends don't -- friends don't let friends vote for trump. >> reporter: after his brief foray in new hampshire donald trump is coming back to iowa later today campaigning virtually nonstop in iowa between now and the caucuses on monday night. >> a lot of busy days ahead of us, jon karl, thank you. >> jon is not going anywhere between now and iowa. in the democratic race hillary clinton's use of her e-mail server is dogging her during these last days before the caucuses. the state department will not
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contain top secret information. abc's cecilia vega is covering the former secretary of state in des moines. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: paula, good morning to you. this is not what hillary clinton wants to be talking about two days before the caucuses here, these headlines could not have come at a worse time for her. overnight hillary clinton and her not so secret weapon campaigning together in iowa. >> i brought a pretty good warm-up act, don't you think? >> reporter: bill clinton center stage. >> she's never touched a thing she didn't make better. >> reporter: bill telling abc news exclusively the battle is not over yet. >> this is a dog fight. you fight till the last hour. joining forces on everything from the gop's vision. >> i just fundamentally disagree. >> reporter: to the economy. >> we are not going back to that kind of failed economy. >> reporter: hillary clinton
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one person in her line of fire, bernie sanders. >> i'd rather underpromise and overdeliver. >> reporter: the one thing they didn't address, those e-mails. the state department declaring 22 e-mails from clinton's private account top secret, clinton's campaign calling for the e-mails to be made public saying this appears to be overclassification run amuck. but sanders sticking to that now famous line. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> reporter: releasing a statement saying voters deserve a discussion of the issues. he is still drawing a crowd, more than a thousand people overnight. >> i get a little bit tired when you have establishment folks saying, bernie, you're thinking too big and i say, the hell with that. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: yeah, those crowds still showing up for bernie sanders. hillary clinton is, of course, back on the campaign trail today
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campaign launched joined by the entire clinton family, bill and chelsea. this is the candidate's schedule, all of them in iowa. three full pages, dan, that is how busy these guys are out here. it is a mad dash to the finish line. >> that's how busy you will be. we will see you tonight when you anchor "world news tonight" from iowa. cecilia, thank you. now, though, let's bring in abc news political analyst matt dowd. matt, good morning to you. thanks for coming in. how much should earthquake be development? >> i think it'll continue to dog her until all the e-mails come out and the justice department and fbi finishes their investigation. i think this is going to -- it goes to a vulnerability she has which she continues to have which is on trust and a reminder to voters of the '90s of the part they didn't like about the '90s. it will hurt her in the general election. the question that primary is, does it undermine her argument hanging out there?
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electability is one of the issues hanging over bernie so particularly pertinent now. the republican side, this is where things get truly interesting. what is your view of the state of play right now in the republican side? >> i think the odds are still that donald trump wins iowa and then in the aftermath of that probably wins new hampshire. that's the odds on today. i think the person to watch is marco rubio. marco rubio had a really good debate, ted cruz had a really bad debate the other night and in the course of that i think it gives marco rubio oxygen to rise. there is a possibility he could finish second in iowa. if he does that, this becomes a two-person race between donald trump and marco rubio and it's anybody's guess what happens after that. >> a game-changing development potentially. appreciate it. you'll be with us straight through the finish. we appreciate it. i want to remind everybody abc news is the place to be for complete coverage of the caucuses in iowa. george and robin will report
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anchoring live from iowa and george and the whole team standing by to bring you the happens. don't forget next saturday the republican debate live from new hampshire at 8:00 eastern right here on abc. >> because we're going to be talking about new hampshire and those caucuses right after that. all right. thank you. we want to turn now to new concerns about the explosive zika virus. 36 cases have now been discovered here in 12 states. president obama has discussed the spread of the disease but the president of brazil who is vowing to win the war on the mcs that carry this disease and dr. richard besser is right there at ground zero from the epidemic in brazil. >> reporter: good morning, paula. on monday the world health organization is convening an emergency response committee to figure out how to respond to the global end pidemic of zika virus. to understand what to do you have to understand what's taking place right here where they think the whole thing started in brazil. brazil, the epicenter for the zika virus epidemic, the country
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effects it has on babies of infected women. i traveled here to see how it's being handled firsthand. hello. we spent our friday at a hospital in r echlt eseifa. she's seen 130 babies with hike co-cefaly, abnormal smallness of the head. >> we are dealing with a disease we have no information about. >> reporter: this woman's daughter was born with microcephaly. she told me through a than later she felt symptoms of zika but was told it was a different infection saying they will do all they can to have her daughter, walk, speak and have as much of a normal life as possible. they're trying to get a handle on it but it's not the only place affected. this houston mother contracted it while on a trip to el salvador. >> i was scratching. like my whole family saw my chet and they were like wow. >> reporter: although it is usually mild her simms were anything but.
7:11 am
energy, all you want to do is lay down and sleep. >> reporter: one of the keys to stopping zika virus is controlling the mosquito. so we're going to be out with the military into slums like this to see what they're doing to get rid of the places where the mosquitoes are breeding. we're covering up long sleeves using repellant. that way we'll be sure we don't come home with zika virus. dan. >> a massive effort ahead. rich, stay safe. thank you. we have another disturbing health headline one week before the super bowl the nfl says concussions soared to a four-year high and too. ryan smith is on the story. nfl. just days away from the biggest game of the year. super bowl 50, the league releasing this report friday staying diagnosed concussions in the nfl increased 58% this regular season with a staggering 271 players sidelined since the
7:12 am
compare that to the 206 concussions reported in 2014. insiders" roundtable. >> heading in the wrong direction. >> reporter: the most startling helmet-to-helmet collisions with 92 reported this year. 58. the nfl telling abc news the reasons for increases in concussions are unclear. but it will look at any significant trends over the next several weeks. the numbers echoing what some claim is a growing problem for the league and for football on all levels. seven high school players reportedly died as a direct result of football-related injuries. the nfl telling us, safety is a priority last december. but acknowledging concussions remain a risk. >> the priority of the leagues is to protect player health and safety. >> do you think we can ever eliminate concussions from the sport. >> as much contact as there is in the game there will always be
7:13 am
very difficult problem to solve over time. >> reporter: for "good morning america," ryan smith, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to ryan. such a staggering increase but they think one of the reasons may simply be because the number of players screened for concussions this past season doubled so that could be one of the explainers, as well. >> a good bit of context. over to dr. ron claiborne for a look at the other stories. what's happening, sir? >> i don't know. just kidding. good morning to you, dan and paula. sara haines, good morning, good morning, everyone. we begin with a scare in the air for passengers aboard an air canada flight from newark to vancouver. a passenger took this snapshot inside the cabin. just as oxygen masks were dropped. the plane descending 4,000 feet in eight minutes making an emergency landing in toronto where emergency crews were standing by. >> take the time on the runway. vehicles are standing by. >> are you planning on rolling long or do you know? >> yeah, we'll be long.
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a pressurization problem caused on the air-conditioning is being blamed. five snowmobilers were killed in a massive avalanche in british columbia and canada. three were caught in the town of mcbride. rescue crews are searching for possible survivors. canadian officials say the avalanche appears to be human triggered. new worries for residents of flint, michigan, in the middle of a water crisis. new tests show very high levels of lead in the water samples. they're not sure why that is. they're being warned some levels are so high their water filters are ineffective. new details on the final wishes of david bowie. in his will david bowie nearly all of his $100 million estate to supermodel wife eimanne and their children, bowie also asked his ashes be scattered in bali in accordance to a buddhist ritual.
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short while ago a huge upset at the australian open down under. top seeded serena williams losing to kerber of germany. she is trying and failing to match steffi graf's record of 22 grand slam wins. i would like you to meet a guy named mike donnelly thanks to a lucky mistake, he works at a supermarket and printed ow the wrong ticket who wanted to play powerball so he kept that drawing ticket for himself. he paid for it. you can guess what happened next. donnel donnelly's ticket he bought won and he selected $7 million in the payout. a surfer in hawaii takes the level. check this out. maui. a monster wave came up on him and plunged 40 feet into the ocean. it was one of the wildest craziest wipe yous they've ever seen.
7:16 am
and broken board, the board is okay and true surfer style he was back out in the water the next day. >> of course, he is. surfers are so brave and courageous. >> or crazy and your courageous. >> it's a combination of both of those two. >> this is why couch surfing is always preferable. >> are you a pro? >> yes, semipro actually. what's going on in the weather. >> i have an unbelievable photo coming for you out of oregon. imagine the highway you typically use every day looking like this, not one, but two 50-foot sinkholes. if you ever needed a reminder it. the california west coast is still very again today. look what we're dealing with today. more advisories, snow, rain and a lot of wind thanks to another system making its way through the area. all eyes are going to be on the sunday. tomorrow, first bring in the
7:17 am
california but now we're going to watch it spread east. right when it hits the rockies, notice what we talk about, potentially heavy amounts of snow in colorado. look at the very tail end, the caucuses and we'll be talking about a blizzard monday night in through tuesday. probably not a good time for a lot of people out there. as far as total, heavy amounts of rain, potential for 3 inches in southern california but also heavy amounts of snow. we mentioned the blizzard. if denver gets 8 inches it will be the most snow they've seen all year long and then maybe even a foot of snow out through iowa. tough time for a lot of
7:18 am
>> so for everyone saying there's no snow in el nino, clearly a lot is going on. hides-up, starbucks, death wish coffee is set to make a monster ad splash during the super bowl. the little new york start-up scored a free 30-second commercial worth 5 million bucks by winning the intuit small business contest. here's a taste of the spot that beat out thousands of other s s. >> and owner of death wish coffee mike brown alongside some of his happy workers at hair headquarters join us. you have vikings, a waterfall and coffee. what's the message there?
7:19 am
with intuit quickbooks and put together the ad for me. it's got vikings and really shows how fiercely caffeinated our coffee is. >> speaking of that, your coffee has about double the amount of caffeine that a normal cup of coffee would have. sounds like if i drink it i'll grow hair out of my chest. could you describe your coffee for us. >> i hope not. it's a dark roast coffee. it's very bold, but it's very smooth and has that extra kick to get you going in the morning. >> sounds like i could use some this morning. i've got to ask you about this. you have 11 employees in your company. so how are you guys preparing comes with a super bowl ad? >> you know, we understand that more than a million people will see our coffee for the first time and, you know, we're ready to take it to the next level. >> i ya, you are. i know you have roasted 250,000 pounds of coffee but tell me a
7:20 am
coffee, the name and the logo, what was the inspiration? >> i was inspired by a gift from my girlfriend. she gave she a cup koozie that said death wish under it. >> the perfect name. i got to tell you. that logo sticks with you. it grabs your eye. we all want to say congratulations to you. best of luck to your small business, mike and thanks for joining us on "gma." cheers. >> thank you so much. >> love stories like that. they beat out 15,000 other companies, 11 employees, i just hope that everybody goes to the website. i actually have the coffee. i know you have an aversion. >> they wouldn't let me have it. >> i only take my caffeine invirginia venously. >> it's actually very good. >> it's strong. >> yes, it's strong but it's not bitter at all. you would think but it has double the amount of caffeine that normal coffee has. >> you can test the shakes. >> i have been drinking it for
7:21 am
i'm a little hyper today. >> loud, ron. >> i can't control it. >> it's not the coffee, it's you. >> we have a defibrillator standing by for ron. meanwhile, i want to say on a completely different note we are heading toward a milestone. 5 million facebook likes. you can help us reach our goal by liking us yourself. send us over the top this weekend thanks to all of our viewers for watching and liking and pitching in. >> death wish. >> death wish for -- no. >> not a death wish. >> we don't like to beg for friends but please like us. >> what she said. >> coming up on "gma," a manhunt going on with one of those three dangerous escapees now back in prison. police are closing in on the two remaining fugitives they say and what authorities are now saying about the woman who allegedly helped them out. plus, flying high. the competition tougher than ever at the x games, the insane
7:22 am
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good morning, i'm timyka artist. time now?the water crisis continues in flint michigan. but the tri state is doing it's part to help out. in just under an hour at 8
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will start collecting bottled water to benefit 10's of thousands of people who live is some video of the norwood middle school's water drive, yesterday..they collected hundreds of bottles've until 5 oclock to drop by ifyou want to help out. after that the truck will heading straight to flint. okay birth plan. top of the brown box. alright got it! aromatherapy. lotion. woo. grey basket bottom right. you are so organized. and the selfie stick. yeah don' t give me that look... life is packing for an early delivery, and an ikea closet that'
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okay birth plan. top of the brown box. alright got it! aromatherapy. lotion. woo. grey basket bottom right. you are so organized. and the selfie stick. yeah don' t give me that look... life is packing for an early delivery, and an ikea closet that' s always ready. and welcome back to "gma" on this saturday morning. the clock is ticking to iowa. the candidates on a final sprint with events all over the state this weekend. on friday donald trump making headlines calling ted cruz an anchor baby referring to his canadian birth and hillary clinton stumping with former president clinton made no mention of the state department's decision not to release 22 of her e-mails because they're top secret. >> two days to go. ethan couch, the so-called affluenza teen waking up in a juvenile detention center in texas while a judge mulls whether to transfer it to adult
7:30 am
from mexico after spending weeks on the run with his mom. apparently violating his probation stemming from a car crash that killed four people. and facebook has taken sides in the gun control debate banning anybody from advertising or selling guns on its site. licensed firearms retailers can still promote their businesses on facebook but not allowed to accept orders or to make any sales. >> a big victory for gun control advocates. some of the best winter athletes in the world pulling off these incredible moves at the x games. i can feel my heart rising. >> it could be sara. >> it could be if she weren't eight months pregnant. >> i could totally do that without my baby. >> i believe you could. you're a good iowa girl. >> the baby is really holding you back. >> the only reason i can't do amazing thing. >> tony reali back with that story. let me start us off on a bit of a serious note this half hour, the daring jailbreak in cave, one of the three inmates
7:31 am
this morning and we're starting to learn more about a woman who's been arrested for alleged allegedly helping them escape. >> she worked at the jail as an english teacher and may have provided information helping them get away. abc's matt gutman joining us from santa ana, california, on the latest for the two others this morning. hi, matt. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. that first inmate casually surrendering behind me while smoking a cigarette but no indication so far that the other two escapees have any inclination of giving themselves up, the kind of men with rap sheets for kidnapping and tortures why the u.s. martials is involved focusing on central california. this morning that exclusive video, the moment fugitive bac duong surrenders then nodding to deputies as he's escorted back to jail and doing more. coughing up key information. >> he is cooperating. he is providing us information. >> reporter: down from fresno,
7:32 am
learned the other two fugitives hossein nayeri and jonathan tieu were last seen here as late as tuesday. police suspect they were there till late thursday. at this mechanic shop duong turning himself in. he calmly lets police cuff him. why did he choose this place. >> we're just friends. he knows us and make sure he gets caught safely. >> reporter: then they move in and scour for evidence. officers have been searching this entire area. right now they're focusing on those containers with canine units but still other two inmates remain missing. last week he stole the white van the trio made off in. if duong was in charge of transportation police say hossein nayeri might have had the task of information. somehow coaxing his jail house teacher giving him more that language tools. >> google earth image on paper that showed an image of the entire central jail complex as she played a significant role in the planning.
7:33 am
nooshafarin ravaghi who awe uthored illustrated children's book developed a relationship with nayeri whose rap sheet includes torture and kidnapping. >> it was much more closer and personal than it should have been. >> reporter: investigators tell us the college english teacher and the felon friend exchanged deeply personal letters that the jail didn't pick up and also didn't pick up on the fact that the three escapees made it all the way to central california. police now tell us that they're focusing on that white van. if they find that van they think they can find those escapees. dan, paula. >> a wild story and not over yet. matt gutman, thank you. let's check the weather and back to indra petersons. good morning. >> last weekend we were watching a low in the east coast producing that blizzard but now all eyes are going to be on the west coast. we'll be watching this low coming out of california and watch what happens. it strengthens and looks like a
7:34 am
middle of the country. notice how close the lines are. strong winds around >> that weather brought to you by kay jeweler's. seriously this is a huge system going across the country. going to be affecting the kaubzs and really a lot expected in the gulf, as well. >> political ramifications.
7:35 am
apolitical, we promise you. shredding on the slopes. wait till you see the crazy moves move s at the x games. >> what are coldplay and beyonce doing in india? stay tuned. ne i'd rather... share with. no one i'd rather have dinner and a movie with. no one i'd rather lean on. being in love is an amazing thing. being in love with your best friend... everything. introducing the ever us two-stone ring. one diamond for your best friend ... one for your true love. for the one woman in your life who's both. ever us. new this valentine' s day at jared, kay and zales. come on in pop pop. happy birthday. i just had a heart attack... and now i have a choice. for her. for them. and him. a choice to take brilinta. a prescription for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack.
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go go big or go home snowboarders. >> competing at this year's x games hoping to impress the judges and take home a gold drama. hi, tony. >> good morning, guys. aspen, colorado, the scene of this year's winter x games and there's no shortage of, whoa, last night in action, one of snowboarder's brightest stars trying to cement his legacy earlier in the day, a record-setting performance by a 13-year-old youtube sensation. >> three minutes. >> snowboarders max perot and mark mcmorris in an intense competition. throwing down a furry of the biggest tricks like the backside 1620. >> hugebackside 160. >> reporter: even this backside
7:39 am
>> backside, oh. mcmorris knows he needs something more. >> landing in second place after falling two points short of gold at the 2016 xnts x games. >> boom. boom. >> the winner, max parrot winning the big air challenge with three mind-blowing jumps. >> max parrot. >> i'm proud that i put down the cab triple cork 1800. >> reporter: mark's brother front row for it all making the call for espn devastating. >> we're in a glass case of emotion. >> reporter: the three time gold medalist is already a legend among his peers winning double gold in the 2015 x games. fans comparing had is wild moves to shaun white. right now the x games will feature 22 teenagers and 4 athletes younger than 16. one of the four, youtube
7:40 am
88 pounds easily one of the smallest competitors but making the biggest splash putting together an incredible run to become the youngest female to win x games gold, 205 athletes in 3 sports competing for 57 medals starring alongside mcmorris and kelly, tucker hibbert. he tied x games record with his ninth straight gold medal. some name, danny davis and chloe kim snowboarding on the superpipe. kim all of 15 years of age. so, guy, one of the incredible things about the x games, future is always now and it's getting younger. >> i know. and i think it's because these young people haven't fully developed their fear reflex. >> very important and also you heard about kelly, 5'1", 88 pounds from he estonia. i looked at a map. the highest peak is 1,000 feet and left the country to learn how to ski. >> ball continues are incredible. >> you know it well. >> we have a latvian on set. >> very proud. >> tony, thank you.
7:41 am
>> catch awe the action at 1:00 right here on abc at 1:00. the miracle. a giant step toward helping infertile women carry their own babies straight ahead in our
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welcome back, everyone. you know transplants save lives every day but what if they could help create a life. one hospital in dallas just announced that it's trying to do just that. doctors will implant wombs into ten women who otherwise haven't been able to carry children of here to explain what it means is chief women's health correspondent dr. jennifer ashton. jen, this is fantastic news. welcome.
7:44 am
why would someone need a uterine transplant. >> it would apply to 15% potentially of reproductive age women, either born without a uterus or whose uterus is damaged or just nonfunctional. an option to uterine surrogacy, all about giving these women hope. >> four centers in the state also do this. why has it taken so long to hear about it. >> this is complex, right. it's not just surgically complex, but it's ethically complex and usually in transplants you worry about the donor and recipient. three patients' lives, donor, recipient and future baby. sweden did the first seven in 2014. we're following it up probably this year. the first one ever in the world was done in 1931 featured in that movie "the danish girl." >> the miracle so many have been waiting for. >> you know what, it speaks to the technology in the field of reproductive endocrinology and
7:45 am
whether ivf, surrogacy, adoption, foster parenting, certainly having a body part doesn't make the woman. but this is majorly exciting for so many women who actually want to carry that baby. >> truly a miracle. fantastic news. >> we'll be following it out. >> jen, thank you. >> sara. okay, well, woo i've all seen it, indra, what are you most excited about in "pop news"? >> girl scout cookies. >> i'm pretty sure you said wine before that. that bottle who has some legs on it. >> beyonce in there. >> and talk about our facebook page, guys. we want to take credit for sending this over the edge. ron asked them to come like us. >> come like us, please. we're not supposed to beg. >> don't add please. >> a thumb on facebook. >> i got to eat this cookie so we'll be right back. >> five mill. five mill. >> exactly.
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the veggie kids love. >> i've said it before and will say it again. it leads up to this, "pop news." >> you read it just like i wrote. that was really good. thank you very much, dan. >> you're welcome. >> you're a good boy. the hollywood award season is in full swing, my favorite time of the year and tonight they'll hit the red carpet for the s.a.g. awards. we were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the shrine auditorium in l.a. where they're making last-minute adjustments and rolling out the red carpet. we caught up with the deputy editor of "people" who told us why it is such an important night for the stars. >> the screen actors guild awards is special because only actors voten it and great predictor of what will happen at the academy awards because they make up the largest constituency of voters at the academy. >> we'll bring you all the glamour and drama from tonight's awards ceremony tomorrow on "gma." who is a s.a.g. watcher? i am. >> that makes one.
7:51 am
this next one will be music to your ears as you get your saturday started. coldplay dropped a video for their new song "hymn for the weekend" filmed on location in india fit for a queen and the one and only queen, queen bey lending her vocals and appearing as a bollywood film star. take a look. when i was so heavy or a symphony supply want to see her bad day or mistake. i want to see that project, gosh, i shouldn't have ever done that. it doesn't exist. >> never. if it doesn't whet your appetite, don't worry, one week and one day away from the stars taking the stage at super bowl 5-0. is that how you say it. >> 50. >> l. >> say 50. >> 50. >> super bowl fitty. okay.
7:52 am
making a comeback. the famous car if "back to the future" is officially going back into production. a law change means the texas-based auto manufacturer can now build replica versions of the treasured sports car, the first of 300 expected to hit the market next year with a price tag of only $100,000. sadly time travel doesn't come with it or i'd be willing to find the money somewhere. >> beg, borrow and steal. where would you go back in time? colonial era? i could see you -- >> that's so good. i'd want to go back to when it came out, 1984. >> that's your jam. >> first grade was a peak for me, people. let's be honest. it's actually girl scout cookie season. we just found a new way for parents to make their favorite cookies next level delicious. the folks behind the vevino wine app rereel vealed the best combo.
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these cookies you'll want a glass of brunello. samoas or caramel delight an aged rioja. sancerre, tag-a-longs, they require this one -- amaroni. >> what goes well with beer? >> anything. >> potato chips in something salty and delicious. >> i can't do the taste test without a wine glass. >> so you can chug it.
7:54 am
a man barricades himself inside his east price hill home and threatens to shoot police the standoff ended coming up showing support to those in
7:55 am
continues in flint michigan. but the tri state is doing it's part to help out. how you can help out too. good morning tri state weekend starts right now , good morning tri state...i'm
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